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Watch the video below to find out more about the programme & to get a free practice on connecting to unconditional love inside of you.


Start your new year with a new: empowered, mature & satisfied you.

It's time to take a different approach to life drama & self-control.


This mini-course is for those who often find themselves expressing their irritation, dissatisfaction, and anger, often at their loved ones, hating themselves for that, and trying to control their emotions, but ultimately not managing to change.

You think that you need to control yourself better… But in reality, what you’re lacking is not more forceful control, but self-acceptance & self-love. And you need to take your power back: the power over your state of being & your life.

When you accept yourself as you are & your expressions as they are & love yourself enough, you find harmony within. You become empowered. And consequently & naturally comes that adequate, kind, loving & caring behaviour that is manifested harmoniously with the world around.


Learn how to be empowered & to take your satisfaction & happiness into your hands.

Because truly, only you can make yourself fulfilled, satisfied & happy, no one else can..

And no one should influence your wellbeing.

You can & after the programme you will love, support, respect, appreciate, value, hear, see & accept yourself exactly the way you need.

You can & you will take the satisfaction of your needs into your hands. 

You can & you will give the suffering part of you space, attention & love that it needs & deserves. 

And you will become the master of your inner, & naturally outer, peace & harmony, satisfaction & happiness.


We desire to be good, we desire to follow moral principles (this applies to both religious and non-religious people), we desire to do the right things, deep inside we really don't want to harm anyone, we don't want to offend anyone ...

We desire to love ourselves and others, we desire to tell the truth, live within our means, keep promises, do what we set out to do, take care of our bodies, take care of the people we love, value close relationships more than being right, take responsibility for our lives, create the lives of our dreams, focus on what we desire (and not on what's irritating) ...

But often it doesn't work out the way we want.

What we experience is a lot of stress, self-judgment, pressure on ourselves and, naturally, on others .. There are addictions and co-dependencies on people, activities, things, food .. We are constantly trying to control ourselves in order to follow the ideas and pictures in our heads (ideal images of us). And if it's not working out, we get upset, engage in self-flagellation, and blame others for our failures ..

How can we stop judging ourselves, and blaming ourselves for our inability to be whom we want to be?

How do we stop judging people around us? They often trigger and provoke us...

In general, life constantly “provokes” us, doesn’t it?

If not for all these provocations, it would be so easy to be “good”...

But the whole point is that how we manifest ourselves / what we do / how we behave actually depends only on us.

And the power to change our behaviour and reactions to life is IN OUR HANDS.

This course will help you with that.

It will help you become empowered.


The special price of CHF 25 is reserved for the first 100 participants.

The full price of the programme is CHF 55

The real value of the programme is much much higher.

Your empowerment & the ripple effect it will have on your whole life & the people around is priceless!

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