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They need to be looked after like flowers...

We don't swear at flowers, when the leaves get dry or rot in places - we don't swear at the unpleasant manifestations of flowers. We look closely and ask ourselves, what is the flower lacking in order for it to feel good and look beautiful? 🤔

Why is it difficult for us to accept all the manifestations of our children? And how can we expect them to grow up filled with love and happy when love is often not love at all, but conditional approval, only when their manifestations are pleasant or “right”? ..

Children need water, food, shelter, care and, most of all, love. While they are small, they cannot provide for themselves. While they are small, they learn from their parents how to provide for themselves.

And when children have learned to satisfy their own needs, including the need for love, then they have grown up.

But, if, as adults, we are looking for someone who will satisfy our needs and take responsibility for our problems, then we ourselves need to turn to our parents again and grow up... (this is another topic though..😅)

It is important to understand that children will grow up into flowers that they naturally are meant to be. And we, parents, often cannot fully understand what kind of flowers our children really are.

Therefore: we kiss, hug, accept any manifestations and help children meet their needs. In general, we love and expect nothing, even gratitude, from them. Children don't owe us anything. It was us who gave them life (brought flowers home)..

Nevertheless, children filled with love will naturally blossom, flourish, and radiate beauty, love, and gratitude.

And we just need to allow ourselves to admire the beauty of these flowers 🙏

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