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Love is a real need, like food, sleep, home, toilet & intimacy/human connection.. whether we want it or not, our organisms (beings/bodies) will satisfy these needs in some way or, if they can’t, they will get sick and die of pain.

When love is not felt, all means are good enough to get it. A person is ready to do everything to get recognition, attention, respect, appreciation, care.. For the sake of receiving love, a person is ready to move mountains and fly to the moon, often not understanding what he/she really needs, why he really is doing all this..

But thinking that by doing all sorts of meaningful things, we will receive love, we are greatly mistaken..

Why not make a life filled with love the first and foremost goal? The most important initial intention?

And then, filled with love, we can ask ourselves: do I really need all these “jumps out of my pants” and achieving 'successful success' through self-force & self-violence? Or can I already be happy where I am, and with what I have, just like that, because I’m alive and I already can feel love?

At the same time, when I feel love, can I really sit still, do nothing?

No, I can’t! I want to express my love for everyone and everything around. I want to create. I want to fulfil my potential. I want to inspire others to feel love..

So how do we get this love? How do we satisfy this need for love, fill this hole?

One of the easiest and at the same time the most difficult (although very logical) ways to satisfy this need is through acceptance of parents and the ancestors. The fact that we’re alive & grown up means that they have already given us enough love. So by accepting them as they were & are and by becoming unconditionally grateful for life (that our parents have given us) we can indeed start feeling love that has been there all along.

After all, the reason that most of us don't feel love and search for it our whole lives is NOT because it's not there, it has to do with the fact that at some point in our lives we decided to look for proof that our parents don't love us instead of looking for proof that they do. And it was our decision, and blaming parents for their inability to ignite the feeling of love in us doesn't really make sense, does it?

In any case we're grown up already, and it's time to take responsibility onto ourselves for 'finding' love that we crave so much.

If (right now, no matter how old we are) (even if just in our minds) we open ourselves up to our parents' love & let them ignite the love that we already have inside, we will no longer be the same..

It might be a complicated process because of a lot of stuck pain, resentment, dissatisfaction, anger...

And we might need help from those who can be there for us with love, holding space for us while we're in the process of tapping into our own love.

Working through childhood trauma, reaching a point of unconditional gratitude towards parents, thereby becoming unconditionally grateful for life itself is the key towards feeling unconditional love for oneself & the world. 

Of course, there are other ways.. 

For example, we can just believe that love is already there, make an intention to feel it, and eventually we will feel it..

The main thing though is to understand the idea. The need for love has to be satisfied, and it's in our power to do something about it..

It's vital if we want to be free to choose what kind of reality we want to create (following our interest, inspiration, talents..) instead of being led by problems, lack & pain.

Ultimately whether to do it and how to do it - everyone decides for themselves.

It's just important to keep in mind: remaining with this need, we will look everywhere for the feeling of love that is vital to us. And, when filled with love, we can live in love and do everything out of love for ourselves, our family and the world 😍

These are completely different life paths.

Love is a need.

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