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You know that every action / manifestation leads to consequences, right?... Nothing passes without a trace.

Moreover, the intentions or the motives behind our actions / manifestations greatly influence our consequences.

So two different people with different intentions, acting in a similar way, will have different consequences - different future reality.

Anyway most importantly - everyone’s feedback from the world is either pleasant or unpleasant.

Now, it's very easy to be someone's unpleasant consequence. Because to be this, it's enough to just be not centred or resourceful (“not IN oneself, so to speak”), to react automatically and to shift responsibility for one’s unpleasant state of being onto others.

On the other hand, to be someone's pleasant consequence... 

we need to be in touch with ourselves and our values, so that every second of our lives we can stop and listen to ourselves, asking the following question: “What would love, or acceptance, or joy do now?”

Moreover, it's important to remember that our every reaction is also an action that creates further consequences for us (events/manifestations in our future).

Therefore, before reacting in any way, it is important to ask ourselves: “What future do I want to create for myself now?” "What kind of world do I want to create?"

All this sounds simple in theory, right?

But in life, it’s still very important to give ourselves time and to be gentle with ourselves, while the pain, accumulated during our lifetime, is being released through us performing the “roles of unpleasant consequences” in others’ lives. It’s not the best way to let go of pain, but sometimes there’s just no other way..

In any case, this shouldn’t stop us from regularly expressing the intention to be who we’d like to be: "I want to be your pleasant consequence."

Perhaps someday we’ll create heaven on Earth and will be only each other’s pleasant consequences.

But that's definitely not going to happen in this life.

And most likely never...

After all, the variety of consequences is probably the biggest wonder of life on Earth - the adventures, the experiences - we can’t deny their value..

Otherwise, maybe, life wouldn't be so interesting.. Right?

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