It is very important to approach what we share with the world mindfully 🙏

When we share evil and hatred, people, receiving evil and hatred, experience them, send them back to us and spread around them.

The amount of evil and hatred in the world is increasing...

When we share love and beauty, the same thing happens: the recipient experiences love, is inspired by the beauty, and sends us back and spreads love and beauty.

Love expands and beauty blossoms.

Everyone is aware of what is happening in the world right now - there is no shortage of news with violence and cruelty.

And, if we want to improve the situation, then it is important to focus on love, peace, kindness and beauty - on what makes life worth living 🙏

It is important to sow seeds from which flowers will grow...

Let's hug each other with our hearts 💖

And let's support each other as best we can without spreading the energy of cruelty and evil.

After all, only love can create the world. And love and peace begin within each of us.

I'm wishing everyone love, kindness and peace! ☀️

This is worth living for.