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You can do everything.

And I can do everything.

And everyone can do anything.

Everything is allowed.

Everybody by the right of birth is allowed to do everything.

What thoughts come to mind when we read/hear these statements?

Many have a reaction (if translated into 'true' language): "What are you talking about? If people are allowed to do everything, they will kill each other! They will become real animals, and even worse - devils .."

Do we personally have reasons to become devils? Do you? Do I? I don't know about you.. I think I don't. I assume, you don't either.. And most people don't actually.

So why do we, as a society, believe that people need to be protected from each other? We create different laws, frameworks, punishments so that we don't kill each other?..

Why not instead of that - instead of punishing, revenge, retribution for the behaviour of people when they are on the verge and in need, unhappy and lost - why not instead ask "evil" people: "What do you need, dear wonder-of-the-world-miracle-of-nature-human-being?"

After all, every person is a wonderful magical miracle of nature ✨

Does anyone ever think about this?

Can we assume that a person harms another person or does something destructive in general, not because his innate desire is to harm, but because he is deeply and infinitely unhappy..

There are no good or bad people. There are happy and unhappy people...

A person who is unhappy, filled with pain, hatred and lives in suffering cannot naturally bring love into the world.

An unhappy person can only share his unhappiness and pain.

And what is happening in society?

People are punished for their misfortune.

Of course, it is important to understand that everyone is responsible for their own happiness or unhappiness. Therefore, no one can make anyone happy without their will.

To be happy, an unhappy person needs to want to become a happy one...

However, it is in the interest of already happy people to spread happiness by showing compassion and love and supporting people in need.. instead of responding to anger with anger, hate with hate, pain with more pain...

If we react in this way, are we really truly happy actually?

Only out of love & with love we can change the established system, which actually does not protect anyone, but only restrains the manifestation of unhappiness and pain for the time being, until it breaks or explodes somewhere. And it happens quite often.

Moreover, if we stigmatise, label, punish people who are 'destructive' because they are unhappy, we shift the responsibility for our happiness and the world to others: "You must change, you must be isolated, you must be punished, only then I can live in peace & love and be happy."

Sounds extremely absurd...

What kind of world is this, in which a huge part of it is isolated under punishment, in darkness - where is peace in this?

If we want to make the world a happier & a more peaceful place, then it is our responsibility, feeling this happiness, living in love and gratitude for life, to spread happiness, love and gratitude.

If we want to live in a happy society, it is important to start with ourselves.

If we want to live in happiness, love and peace, it is also important to understand that every person (including ourselves) is like a river ... "We never step into the same river twice" - said one philosopher - and I say : "Interacting with one person, we actually never interact with the same person twice" - every person changes every second of time - everyone deserves a chance to show themselves in a new way every second of time. And it is not our responsibility to manage people and force them to change. And even one's own true changes are impossible through hatred and force..

The responsibility of happy people is to take care of themselves with love, support others when they are ready, give everyone space, time and chances, and trust life because life is love and love is God. Can God be trusted?

We remember that any action carries a consequence - "I can do everything, and I remember that the consequences of my intentions and actions are already being formed." Everything is fair. You don't have to think for others.

And now let's think - if you say to a happy person "You can / are allowed do anything!", what would he/she do? What would you do?

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