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Let's think a little about the following concepts: trust, faith and fidelity... What are they all about?

I'm sure for most people it's about trusting other people, believing in other people and people being loyal to each other..

But to what extent are people generally capable of being those who can be trusted, those who can be believed in, and those who can be faithful?

How natural is this to human nature?

What is it like, anyway - this human nature?

Being immersed in the exploration of human behaviour and motives for certain behaviours for quite a long time, I realise that human nature is fickle. A human being is essentially an unstable being, constantly transforming.

In fact we, humans, are not able to control our behaviour at all. (Sometimes there is an illusion that we are - but this is obtained only through great effort and with great compensation afterwards, if it goes against our truth. If an individual is in tune with him/herself, then efforts isn't really needed - everything happens with ease)..

Moreover, when a person begins to be more and more in contact with him/herself, he/she begins to feel more and more where he/she is deceiving him/herself and where he/she is uncomfortable, and quite unexpectedly he/she can begin to behave differently, because internal awareness and transformation are natural thus lead to external transformations.

So, understanding that a person by nature is a constantly changing being (we are not furniture that is put where it's put, stands there, has no opinion, isn't learning... although even furniture changes with time..), how can we rely on ever-transforming & constantly-changing people? How can we expect people to always stick to their clear-cut opinions, be able to keep all their promises, and be faithful to other people like faithful dogs, without hurting themselves, so as not to let others down? How?

And what does the desire to find people who can be trusted, who can be believed in and who can be eternally faithful to us tell us?

This desire is, in fact, a desire to find support, some kind of island of stability that each one of us needs so much in order to at least be sure of something in life.

But why is it so common to look for support outside?

After all, nothing outside is stable. Everything external is fickle. How can we rely on it? How can we be sure of it?

It is important to realise that the only thing in which, or rather in whom, we can really be sure is in OURSELVES: "I have me" "You have yourself".. "Me, myself & I" is always there, always has my back.

Whatever happens, we have us with us as long as we are alive...

This is the most stable stability of life.

And there is no point in looking for it somewhere else..

It is important to start trusting ourselves, our feelings, our intuition, our desires.

It is important to believe, first of all, in ourselves, no matter what others say - they know absolutely nothing about us, just as we know almost nothing about them.

Each person is also an infinite depth, it can take more than one life to get to know him/her.

It is important to be faithful, first of all, to urselves - to our truth, to our ideas, to our desires - to our souls - because no one else is able to be faithful to us, for in the moment of choice between oneself and another person, ultimately the choice falls onto oneself.

And if we trust ourselves, believe in ourselves and are faithful to ourselves, then naturally we can be confident in ourselves - confident that we are going the right way for us, making the right choices for us, living our life exactly the way that is best for us.

You are the most important thing you have.

You are, in fact, the only thing you have. Nobody and nothing else belongs to you. You can't be sure of anything or anyone else.

Therefore, the relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in life.

Since only in a harmonious relationship with ourselves can we get to our personal truth, fully express our essence and be happy.

So let's get back to ourselves and into ourselves.


If you need support in this, contact me.

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