Dance and movement sessions that help participants connect with themselves, with their bodies and freely express themselves.

Participants are guided to direct their focus to different parts of their bodies (so that the whole body is included into this process) and to experience different emotions (so that nothing gets unnoticed).

Free movement is encouraged - there are no rules or restrictions: one can shake, jump, stomp, run, crawl, spin, move in waves or like a robot :) - express whatever movements, emotions and feelings come up whenever they come up.

During the session the music varies in styles and speed.

(If you would like to share your favourite tunes, contact Agata directly (IG/FB: Agata Stapelfeldt) - she might include your suggestions into the playlist. ;) )

The goal of the session is for everyone to enjoy the rhythm and the movement, to let go of what's not serving us and to open ourselves for the new that is waiting to be welcomed in our lives. It is a fun and transformational experience.