My journey started more almost 15 years ago when I realised that I enjoyed learning about health and incorporating this new knowledge and skills into my life… Even before that my friends and family always noticed that I was paying attention to what I was eating. (That was a start…)

I became even more engaged in the process of optimising my own and my family's lifestyle (especially the diet) with the birth of my first child 8 years ago. I wanted to provide my children with the most optimal nutrition.

Then, realising that learning more about healthy lifestyle, ensuring that I created a supportive environment for my family's health and sharing my knowledge and skills with others was my passion, I decided to dig deeper into this area of expertise and become a certified professional.

In January 2018 I completed an extensive online programme by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in the US and became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. This certification enabled me to officially start helping other people with maintaining or improving their health, while living my true passion.

I didn't stop at one certification though and continued to learn more about coaching and life in general by taking other courses, like Introduction to Life Coaching at IPS School in Ukraine and Transformational Life Coaching Course at Vektor Rosta (Growth Vector) School in Belarus. I was also learning directly from experts and teachers by reading their books, participating in their seminars or learning more from what is available on the topics of my interest online. 

Eventually, combining knowledge and skills from all the different courses, lectures, seminars, books that I took part in, listened to or read, I have now developed my own approach to life and health.

I approach the whole life health holistically - supporting my clients and students on physical, psychological and mental levels in all areas of life, for I realise that an organism can only be truly healthy when it is healthy on the whole. Furthermore, with my guidance, unpleasant issues and challenges get treated with honour, love, compassion and understanding, what allows us to focus on the abundance and wisdom that they potentially have to uncover for us when we are willing to transform.

Moreover, I believe that all of us already have the answers to our questions inside of us. That is why I prefer to not give recommendations, but instead I guide my clients towards hearing their own wisdom.

All in all, my approach leads to healing in all areas of life. And when this happens, we naturally become healthier and happier.

That is why I call myself a happiness coach. ;)