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A Successful Lady Entrepreneur & Me

I stumbled upon a beautiful successful woman on IG.. She is a mum of three kids & has a thriving business - a beautiful cafe/restaurant chain with healthy dishes.

I can't help but compare myself to her.

I can't help but feel envy..

She's only 30 years old, & has achieved all of this.

She does yoga & can do splits..

Her husband is also a partner in her business.

And she has even started singing recently.

At 30 I also already had 3 kids, but I wasn't a successful entrepreneur, although I'd been striving to be one all my conscious life..

I still can't do splits, and I've just recently started my singing career.

I'm a bit sad that I'm not a proper singer yet, but I realise that singing is slowly taking off.

I'm a bit sad that I can't do splits, but in yoga, I'm also taking my time..

What I feel the saddest about is the fact that I'm not a successful entrepreneur..

And this is mostly because I can't see myself as one.

But this is a fact of my life right now: I'm acknowledging & accepting it, I'm acknowledging & accepting myself as not an entrepreneur yet, I'm acknowledging & accepting my 'loser' part, I'm giving space to it all. I acknowledge now that the most important thing that I need right now is unconditional self-acceptance, self-respect, self-worth & self-love.

I'm moving at my own pace, I'm doing my best, and everything that I truly desire is being fulfilled at the right & the best time for me.

The more self-reflections like this I do, the sooner this belief is going to sink in.

This lady has nothing to do with what & how I feel and what I need. She is living her life, and the fact that I myself stumbled upon her, combined with my own insecurities & dissatisfaction, led me to having my certain personal unpleasant reaction to her life. She is not responsible for my reaction at all, and it's not her problem at all.

Another reason why her life is touching me so much is that at some point I tried being a cook & had a dream of opening my restaurant.. And I still haven't done it.. I've stopped cooking much as well.

But why haven't I fulfilled my dream?

I've had my reasons..

I've been busy consciously healing myself, finding my voice, developing my other talents, manifesting myself in other ways.

Does this lady have anything to do with my inability to follow my inspiration?

Not at all. She's living her life, following her dreams & inspiration.

Actually, the fact that she is able to do what she's doing proves that this dream of mine is also realisable.

Another logical question now is: Can the fact that she has opened a cafe stop me from opening a cafe in the future? Of course not. Cafes get open & closed.. And even if someone opens one or more, there's still a place for new ones.

And, one can even learn something from the current cafe businesses - for example: what could be an even better menu? what could be improved in terms of interior design?

One could get ideas for marketing and so on...

Now, this lady isn't triggering me much anymore. Thanks to this self-reflection.

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