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Enchantment Dangers

I've been recently following one blogger/expert.

And I like a lot about her: her expert content, her insights, her meditative practices, her general vibe..

But there are some things I wouldn't necessarily support, like the way she dresses, her constant swearing and, lately, her provocative promotion methods.. And although I don't support some things, in my mind these things don't cancel the value that she provides to me (some of it for free, some of it for payment).

I was so surprised about many people's reaction to her recent provocation - they immediately refused everything valuable that she's done, discredited her as an expert, & shared how disappointed (disenchanted) & deceived they ended up feeling...


How many people give their power over their lives away by blindly following people on the internet, believing everything, building expectations, constructing certain images of those people... setting themselves up for disappointment, thinking that they are disappointed in their 'idols', but in fact feeling truly disappointed & angry with themselves.

Who's fault is it if I'm feeling the way I'm feeling? No one's. My reaction is purely my personal responsibility - my reaction is mine, and no one else can control or manage MY reaction. It's an illusion that someone else can make me disappointed without prerequisites within me...

And how unhelpful it is for me.. to deny all the value I'm getting from following, interacting and learning from someone if they suddenly do something that I haven't expected..


To me, the provocative story is about how important it is to think for ourselves - to not consume everything from people we follow & learn from. We're all different people anyway, we'll never be aligned 100%..

It's also important to just let others 'do them' ("you do you"). But it's only possible when we allow ourselves to 'do ourselves'. Do you allow yourself to be yourself without considering others' expectations of you? You know that there will always be someone who is disappointed even if you try to take into account everything.. And this will make you miserable before you even realise that there's always been someone who has been unhappy with you this whole time..

Anyway, other stories are entertaining to follow, out of interest, just for fun.. but ultimately, the most important story for me is mine, for you is yours.. Whatever people share, whether it's expert or fun content, is valuable. But the main focus, and a place to ask whether I like something or not, is our own lives & our choices.

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