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This is what it is.

All my previous life experience, my family history, my personal history has led me to this moment - to admitting fully that I’m a teacher, a teacher of life.

I’m ready to be that for you. I’m ready to share my wisdom with you. I’m ready to guide you as your life mentor.

My wisdom is about truth & empowerment.

And I’m inviting you into my mentorship.

No, I’m not stopping to be an eternal student of life, but in the materials that I'm publishing, I’m intending to teach (now without hesitation, without trying to find better gentler words to express myself).

I’m intending to teach, sharing my truth directly. I’m like this, I teach directly, and I’m not going to change who I am to satisfy others’ learning styles.

There are people who like exactly this teaching/learning style.

No one & no thing can be perfect for everyone.

So I’m not for everyone either.

And my wisdom isn’t going to be given for free anymore.

Free value isn’t appreciated, it isn’t received. It has taken me years to realise this.

Teaching is what I’m offering to the world. In our society people get paid for what they’re offering. I’m ready to be valued & appreciated appropriately.

They say your life’s work is what you can’t not do.. well, teaching, sharing my wisdom is something I can’t not do. And those who realise how valuable what I’m giving from my heart is, can tremendously benefit from our interaction.

A little bit of my wisdom will be available for free, but most of it can be received only through working with me.

Continue to follow me if you’ve been learning or intend to learn from me or are interested in my services.

I'm inviting you to start learning more about my mentorship here.

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