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My Recent Sharing on IG

I recently shared about guilt in my stories (will share it here as a post soon).

I mentioned that I didn't feel guilty anymore for anything that I do, that whatever the situation is all the parties involved are responsible, that there are particular steps that a 'victim' takes to end up as a 'victim', that a 'villain' can also be made out of anyone & so on..

And then for some time, there was only one reaction (a message) to one of 10 or so stories...

And I started doubting my adequacy, although my inner compass was telling me that what I shared made total sense. For some time I was confused..

And I contemplated where I could be wrong..

I mean, I could definitely forget to mention some nuances, I could be too aggressive, my tone could be too condescending.. Yes, I notice that sometimes I feel very wise & put myself above others.. This is not nice.

But in that moment I was trying to write as fast as I could, as ideas were flowing through my mind.

So then, I decided not to focus on reactions at all. This, in fact, was rather impossible, for the lack of reactions made me very sad & resentful - so I, again, wanted to just give up sharing anything with 'this audience', I wanted to avenge: "Ah, you're like that.. Ok.. in this case I'm not going to give you anything anymore! Stay uninformed! Because how else will you find out what's keeping you in deep shit if not from me?" - because of course there's no one else, and I'm the only God 🤪

I mean, these things were revelations for me! Understanding this made me feel so much better.. So naturally I wanted to share and hoped it would benefit my audience.. But my audience stayed rather disinterested.

Later I realised that I was sharing more for myself - because I wanted to share, & not because I wanted to share just to get feedback..

(I shared something recently & got a lot of feedback.. for some reason a pregnancy announcement is much more valued by people than my deep wisdom.. Don't make any illogical conclusions about me being ungrateful & unappreciative of people's love & attention.. I am truly grateful for the well-wishes 🙏 But I just hope to be valued for more than just being a 'hero-mum'. Why did I share the news then? Couldn't keep it in either, like everything else 😇 I'm a sharer.)

Generally, though, I could share more about my family & everything around it, it would definitely get more likes (it used to, when I did share only family photos & a bit of text), but first: I don't want to use my family for fame & money (I also want to maintain their privacy), second: I want to share who I am as I am without labels.

Moreover, the ideas flow through me, insights come constantly.. I just can't not share them. It's my nature. And I find sharing ideas more valuable than sharing about my daily life.. I want to do more than just entertain people's curiosity.

So I decided to listen to myself in regard to future sharing & do whatever I feel like doing (share if I want, not share if I don't want).

Then the next day I discovered, that at least 3 people found my ideas about guilt valuable. It brought me joy and belief that what I shared wasn't total nonsense.

Anyway, I realise that some nuances really could be added to my radical ideas, and sometimes, if a reader agrees only partly with my ideas (and not with the whole story), they just choose to ignore the story - dismiss it as unhelpful.. This is actually a pity for everyone: the reader could benefit from the story, & I could benefit from their feedback..

That's why I always urge you to take only what you like, you don't have to take the whole thing. Our worldviews will never be identical. Each of us lives in an absolutely unique world - it's impossible to align 100% with anyone.

However, it's vital for our thriving to be aligned within ourselves, to listen to our inner compasses, to follow our inspiration & interests...

So I will continue sharing whatever flows through me no matter what. Sharing is my nature. I can't not do it.

And you, take what you love & just leave on the table what's not to your taste.

Ultimately though, if you do get value from my sharing, I'd appreciate your feedback (about what you like & don't like, what you agree & disagree with).

And it's very likely that as we interact more & more with each other, we become more & more aligned. And our mutual insights, growth & development will be even faster (is that necessary though? who knows 😁). Let's just interact & create our wonderful lives!

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