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This is the beginning!

Updated: Oct 31

The time has come to bring forward the wisdom that flows through me.. with the help of music. So I've committed myself to creating my first song with a team of professional musicians & songwriters.

My first song is going to be about healing.

This idea came to me after I meditated & made one more step in the Leela game - I was focusing on healing myself (some of my physical symptoms) & it was clear to me that I needed something that could facilitate my healing even more.. So the idea came to create a song about this whole process - so that I can listen to the song & direct my attention & energy onto this process. And I also immediately thought how valuable it would be for other people to.

Then, when the song creation process started, I meditated on what exactly needed to be included in the song, and it became clear to me that it was vital to bring forward the following ideas:

* healing is a natural integral part of life

* life itself is healing

* I don't have to do anything to facilitate the process, but if I'm not consciously taking time to notice what bothers me, my life will show me eventually where my attention & love need to be directed at

* healing is about restoring one's integrity, it's about becoming more & more whole by acknowledging & accepting more & more of my expressions (sides, parts, dimensions, manifestations)

* challenges in relationships with other people & unpleasant life events show me which parts of me are still crying for attention & love - I can pay attention ASAP or can wait until their cries become unbearably painful

The song is being born. And I feel so happy about it.

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