Heart Confetti


On this page I'd like to take time to thank as many people and organisations as I can of those who were assisting and supporting me on my way of becoming a happiness coach, a mindful parent and a human being whose mission is to share and inspire love, kindness and happiness.

You have been an essential part of my growth and development, irregardless of how much exactly you contributed or I have managed to take out of our interaction.

I find it important to make a conscious intention to find value in and to appreciate all of my experiences and interaction. I believe that the value we get from someone is mostly based on how much value we are ready and able to receive.

I value all my teachers, mentors, inspirers, supporters, followers... Everyone who even by getting a small line of text across to me, inspired an insight or a call to action in me.

I also value everyone who is reading this text right now because by opening yourself up to my sharing and the wisdom inside of it, you also bring value into my life by the way of appreciating my efforts to put this text together.

And below I'm going to mention how my life changed thanks to all the wonderful people in my life.