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Creating the Best Songs for Us!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Have you ever critically thought what exactly you'd like your songs to be about?

A song is one of the greatest instruments to programme our minds...

What would you like to be imprinted in your mind?

Very often this instrument is used by artists to help them go through their hard feelings or share their problems with the audience...

But do we really want other people's problems & struggles to constantly sound in our ears?

Sometimes we do cause the music, the melody, the beat is so good!! 😅

I realise though that I don't want to listen to things that I don't want to have (see & experience) in my life anymore..

I want songs to lift me up, empower me, inspire me & facilitate desirable deep transformations. All with modern beat & sound that also inspires me to move to the music ✨

So I'm taking the matter into my own hands!

I'm creating a transformational empowering music album.

I already have lots of ideas for music & lyrics. I know what I'd like to hear.

But, I also want the music to serve others 🙏

So I've decided to do some research: would you like to share with me what your favourite songs are & why?

I'd appreciate it so much if you could take part in MY QUESTIONNAIRE.

Your contribution will help me design the best songs! I will combine my unconventional but powerful ideas with your preferences in music.. and like this we'll create a true gem! 💎

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